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Cervical smear tests DublinAungier clinic provides free cervical smear tests under Ireland’s national cervical screening programme. It is offered to women aged between 25 to 60. The test only takes a few minutes and it is the most effective way of detecting any changes in the cells of the cervix.  The earlier the cell changes are found the easier it will be to treat. The test covers all aspects of the appointment, the consultation with your doctor, the smear, sending the sample to the lab, the result, and the follow up if necessary. The national cervical screening programme is quality assured, well organised and is managed by the national cancer screening service. It is vital that you get a smear done when you have received your letter, it will greatly reduce your chances of developing cervical cancer. No test is 100% accurate, but by having it completed will greatly reduce your risk.

Benefits of having smear tests:

  • Having a smear test done regularly will pick up any early abnormal changes in your cells.
  • Help to detect the early onset of cervical cancer
  • It is proven to saves lives
  • Will enable early treatment, making it a lot easier to treat and cure

Cervical Smear Test Results

In most cervical smear test results, there is no change in the cells of the cervix and the results are negative. This will then mean you will be sent a letter out for your next smear in 3 to 5 years and will depend on your age. If your test does confirm any changes in the cells, then these changes can be commonly known as the virus called HPV which can usually spread by contact during sex. In a lot of cases, it can clear up by itself.

If there are changes in the cells of the cervix, they can be categorised as a high or low grade. This means the low grade can a lot of the time clear up by itself, but a further test will be done for HPV.  If it is high grade, then it will most likely not clear up on there own and an examination will be done, you will then be called in for a colposcopy. This is free of charge. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Aungier clinic anytime.

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