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Our Health Screening Programme involves a full medical examination including blood pressure monitoring, examination of the lungs, cardiovascular system,abdomen, ear nose and throat (ENT), height, weight, urine analysis and blood tests if required.

The purpose of our Health Screening Programme is to review all aspects of the body taking into account your family history and make an early diagnosis where possible. We will provide you with the necessary treatment and refer you for further specialist care if needed. Book your health checkup in Dublin.

Our doctors in the clinic provide excellent care and advice for patients that are in the process of planning a family, currently pregnant, thinking of becoming sexually active or considering contraception. There are many options available and we will be happy to discuss them.

Some services we provide are:

Cervical Smears are free of charge for women between ages 25  and 60 and those registered with Cervical Check  ( We also provide private cervical smear tests services in Dublin for women who are not eligible for the free smear scheme, for prices please visit our price list page

Our clinic provides free ante-natal care for pregnant women pending HSE approval for the scheme, which you can apply for at your initial appointment with our GP.
Ante-natal care is a combined care of appointments involving both GP and Maternity Hospital. It also includes mother and baby’s 2 and 6 week check-up’s after your baby is born.

We provide both the flu and whooping cough vaccinations.

We provide an ear syringing service. Just phone to make an appointment or call in.

Our General Prationioner Dr. Tabesh provides care and treatment for a diverse range of skin problems and diseases, from life-threatening skin cancers to skin conditions that cause personal discomfort or self-consciousness. Dr. Tabesh has Post Graduate experience and holds a Diploma from University of Cardiff in Dermatology.

If your wish is to see a Consultant Dermatologist you can avail of this service which is based in the Beacon Consultants Clinic by visiting or phoning 01 2135636.

We provide a Cryotherapy Clinic on Fridays. Cryotherapy is used to treat variety of benign lesions such as warts. Please phone our clinic on 01 4005708 to arrange an appointment.

Flu vaccines are available at Aungier Street Clinic from end of September until April every year. For travel vaccines please contact our clinic and we will be happy to help you with further information. New Vaccines Now Available in our clinic – Bexsero, the vaccine that protects against Meningitis B and Z that helps protect against Shingles (herpes zoster).

Childhood vaccinations are free to all children with our GP at Aungier Street Clinic, which are by appointment only.

Baby Vaccination should be given at:

  • 2 month
  • 4 month
  • 6 month
  • 12 months and
  • 13 months

Pre-employment Medical Assessments which include:

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Respiratory check up
  • Vision check up
  • Abdomen
  • Weight
  • BMI
  • ENT examination
  • Back examination
  • Full blood count if required

At Aungier Street Clinic we provide minor surgery procedures for skin tags, mole removal and cyst removal which can be performed Monday to Friday. Some of the procedures are also covered by health insurance such as VHI, Laya and AVIVA depending on your plan.